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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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IRDPX Method

IRDP – Jim Madden. The X factor – Jeanne Gilbert

This is just a short explanation of the method. We would like to encourage all teachers and educators to research more about it and to familiarise with it in depth.

  • IRDPX is a simple five stage strategy for teaching new language.
  • It moves from simple to complex with gradually increased difficulty
  • The teacher can check the learner’s rate of learning at each stage and move on only when s/he is satidfied that the learners are ready to proceed.
  • The logic and support of each stage should:
    - facilitate the learner’s recall
    - eliminate frustration and confusion
    - prevent the learner from producing incorrect language
  • IRDPX can refer not only to the initial process of acquiring new words but different ( kinesthetic) activities can also exemplify these various stages of language learning.

The five stages are:


  teacherTEACHER studentsSTUDENT
input Modeling, should make an impact, should be bright and colourful ( flash cards, posters, ohts, video, music, puppets, mime) Listen and absorb
recognition asks the group:
Is it x ?
answer yes or no
discrimination asks the group:
Is it x or y ?
give correct answer
production What is it? produce the word
extension Facilitates fun activities Fun, lateral activities: worksheets, ict software, the net, puzzles, art projects, readers


Go from whole class to groups, pairs and to individuals ( listening and speaking)
Macro skills come in this order:

The teacher’s goal is that when the learners leave the class, they will have spoken more than the teacher. The teacher’s challenge is to ensue that this was in the target language