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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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Once Upon a Time in Poland

"We have your lovely book Once upon a time in Poland.

I have a special reading group for Year 7 & 8 called Around the World in 80 books. The students read from a pre-selected list of close to 200 books, all of which have their setting in a particular country or countries, so that they can learn about children in other parts of the world, history, etc.. There is an added challenge to read 80 books by the end of Year 9 for which they receive an award at assembly." Elsje Neal, St Matthew's Collegiate

"Just a quick note to thank you for the Once Upon a Time in Poland book. I gave one to each of my children to read to their children.
Although wë live in New Zealand and my father Stanislaw Orzecki lived here snce the late 1940's we have never known our Polish history.
I hope that by reading this book to my grand children they start to learn about who they are as well. The book is well presented and I think the kids will like the work at the end of each story. Keep up the good work" Richard Orzęcki, NZ (


zabawy paluszkowe imageZabawy paluszkowe

This is a fantastic resource full of interesting activities that can be used during the lesson or at home during playtime. There is no age limit for these activities, however we found that it works best for preschoolers. The rhymes in this book are short, funny and simple so any little person can memorise them. To go with the poems are pictures showing hand gestures, which explain step by step what to do while you say the poem. We use these activities during classes and sometimes create role-play around them. Lots of fun! The format of the book however is a little small, so when you are working with a group of children it is hard to show the pictures and not everyone can see well. Overall we find this resource very useful and we like the price of 19 złoty.

OUR RATING: dragondragondragondragondragon black and white


swiat przedszkolaka image

świat przedszkolaka

This book has been written with curious pre-schoolers and confussed parents in mind. The text and illustrations show and explain in a very simple and approachable way many of the every day issues that could be bothering your pre-schooler. A wide variety of topics is covered. Everything is organised by a theme and richly illustrated. It is a fun book that will help you make the pre-school education more exciting.

OUR RATING: dragondragondragondragondragon


polish snapSnap Cards in Polish from Usborne Publishing

This product is everything what you might expect from the snap cards and more!!! The cards are of the best quality with excellent graphics and colours. They are easy for the little kids to use due to the size and card quality. But what is most important they are easily distinguishable so the pairs are obvious and easy to find.

Our only suggestion: there is so many other ways these cards can be used, not just as it says on the pack.

OUR RATING: dragondragondragondragondragon


mickyKolory – Klub Przyjaciół Myszki Miki

Wonderful and fun book. Greately presented and enjoyed by children much younger than 2+ age as indicated on the cover. Two pages are dedicated to one colour. One page introduces the colour with one of the familiar to all children Disney character, while the opposite page gives children the opportunity to use their colour knowledge in short activity in Polish.

OUR RATING: dragondragondragondragondragon